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Gutter Guards Installation: For Your Home’s Gutter System!

Gutter Guards Installation: For Your Home’s Gutter System!

As you stand atop your roof, changing shingles, your attention is drawn to the long, empty conduits that run down the edges and eaves. These are called gutters, and some of them come with gutter guards. While you and your friends enjoy the lawn below, they can’t help but notice the attractive border that encircles your roof.

The gutter system comprises horizontal and vertical roof pipes linked together by vertical lines known as downspouts that run along the walls. According to the best roofing companies in Georgia, This intricate piping structure is critical for channelling water away from your property and ensuring adequate drainage.

Homes with a gutter system

By having a gutter system, you may reap the benefits of:

Protecting your property

Water collecting on the roof leads to leaks, damaging roof structures like shingles. The foundation will be compromised as water runs off the walls to the ground and, at times, causes basement flooding. Cracks, peels and moulds are to be looked out on walls. So you can rely on the defender- the gutter system.


All human necessities do not need portable water. The rainwater can be harvested instead of let into drains and used for secondary purposes like gardening or toilet fleshes. So your water consumption is reduced, and bills wind down. Great news! With the saving, you have the freedom for your awaited plans.

Good investment

The gutter system lasts about ten years, providing long-term protection like painting your property.

Adds beauty

As your eyes run across your roof, they are tired of shingles. With the gutter system of different styles and colours, you can amplify the elegance of your home.

Water conservation

We all take pride in using nature’s gifts, so we are obliged for some good. By installing the gutter system, you can reuse rainwater, replenish the water table, and avoid floods and soil erosion from the gushing water.

Better use of resources

With your wise decision to go for a gutter system, the government can use the resources that otherwise go into building drainage and water pipe systems.

Why Go For A Gutter Guards Installation?

  1. Those downspouts ruin the continuous walls’ smoothness, constituting an obnoxious presence. 

  1. Remember the gutter cleaning duty. It’s an extra, annoying duty that takes up valuable time and energy. Who wants the trouble?

  1. Then there is the issue of vermin making a comfortable home in the gutters. One of the last things anyone wants to do is let strangers into their homes.

  1. Given these factors, it is easy to see why someone might be inclined to look into gutter system alternatives.

Having walked through the gutter system’s pros and cons, you now know what weighs more. And any disadvantage can be ironed out by a gutter guards installation.

Now you and your family have a thumbs-up for the gutter system – a guard to your house. But now you may be in a dilemma; what will guard your gutter system against debris and clogs? 

Here our gutter guards come into play. After the inside -information on gutter guards, you will pride yourself on having gutter systems with gutter guards in your home.

Gutter guards, what is it?

Also known as screens, covers or helmets, a gutter guard covers the gutters. A gutter helmet is a thing that fills the gutter cavity. They are structures on the exterior of the roof. Just as the sieve is for the kitchen, gutter guards are for gutters.

Problems with gutter guards

  1. Installation of gutter guards costs from $900 to $ 2000, depending on the size of the house and labour charges. Rather than periodic spending on roof repairs, a better alternative is a gutter guard.

  1. Though the gutter screens need less cleaning, you can’t ignore it. The leaves and other debris will rot, leaving your home with a foul odour.

  1. So one may choose to do the chore alone at the cost of time and energy, and at times dangerous too. You can avail of gutter guard cleaning companies to shoulder the burden.

  1. One may complain of dents in gutter guards rendering them less efficient. Many homeowners use thick metals to overcome the issue.

  1. In houses with steep roofs, a gutter cover serves as a ramp for the run-off. Thus the water skips the trap, failing the purpose of the gutter system. Some roofing contractor Dunwoody may readjust the gutter slope or tighten the brackets. A gutter guard expert can answer all your queries.

  1. If you delay cleaning gutter guards, it will be a seedling spot. Organic matter is an excellent nutrition for seedlings to become a plant. Your roof will begin holding moisture, leading to dampness, mould growth, leakage and a growing list of problems. So follow up with the cleaning.

  1. USA’s winters face sub-freezing temperatures and snowfall. It’s common for gutter covers to freeze, forming icicles. Plastic or metal gutter guards are not built to deal with ice or snow on your roofs but only to hold debris.

  1. During the day, icicles melt and water drips, and you need to be careful on your slippery walkways or driveways.

  1. You may want to get rid of gutter guards. But still, the icicles will form under your shingles, damaging them. Gutter guards are the only things that can protect your roofing.

Do I need gutter guards for my gutter system?

Before finalizing anything, a good approach is to give a thought, as it is a need or want. As gutter systems are a need, so are the guards.

You might have experienced security checks at places like airports. Why do they do so?

Yes, they safeguard everyone! Even our gutter guards are the first line of defence for our gutter system against the gushing water with a lot of debris.

New set-up or construction is optional. With the existing gutter system, a quick gutter guard installation is all you need.

  1. When gutter systems are left vacant, they get occupied by rodents and birds. A better tenant for your gutter system would be the gutter helmets.

  1. Any space left welcomes open dirt so do the gutters demanding frequent cleaning. A gutter screen reduces the time of cleaning.

  1. Water logging is needed to breed pests such as houseflies and mosquitoes. As the gutter guard holds on leaves, needles, and twigs, clogging is not a concern, and water freely runs off.

  1. The gutter system’s life is reduced due to the rusting by the water-held debris. With the gutter covers, the situation is warded off.

A gutter guard holds debris, snow or ice, reducing the pressure on the gutter system. Thus maintaining the gutter’s strength.

Types of gutter guard

Foam gutter guards

These are light plastic materials that will cost you $13 per meter.

With tools, tape, gloves, a hose and a ladder, you can cut the guards to fit into your gutter cavity and remove a guard to replace or clean.

  1. They deteriorate and shrink, lasting for 1-2 years.

  1.  You can expect vegetation from trapped seeds.

  1. Rusting and bending of guards are regular with waterlogging

Brush gutter guards 

Made from plastic or metal bristles costing $3 – $ 4.25 per foot.

  1. You can trim the hairs to fit in the gutter space.

  1. Those concerned with the aesthetics should think before finalizing brush guards, as they may sometimes pop out.

If you want solid protection, then these guards are for you 👇  

Reverse curve gutter guards.

Do you want to keep away from the ladders for gutter cleaning? Then you will like the reverse gutter guards.

  1. They are made of plastic or aluminium and placed at an angle so the debris falls off the house and does not collect atop the gutter.

  1. Though heavy in your pocket, it comes with a warranty.

  1. The water and debris trickle down along the curve into the gutter through the slotted openings. Fine debris makes its way into the gutter resulting in blockage for water flow.

  1. The openings in the guards ease the water flow but are a nesting spot for bees, wasps and hornets.

  1. One size fit for all is impossible, so you need professionals to customize the guards for gutter size.

  1. They are instilled under the second layer of shingles, an eyesore for some homeowners.

  1. Another downside is that curves become dirty more quickly than the top of the guard.

Micro-mesh gutter guards

  1.  Plastic or steel micro-mesh is netted to hold back bugs and even minute debris.

  1. During continuous downpours, water jets of the mesh create trenches around your home.

  1. Rodents can nibble the steel mesh, and birds may damage it by landing on it.

  1. The mesh bearing all the debris can collapse into the gutter, ruining the original purpose.

  1.  They are expensive and need expert hands for fixing.

Choosing the right gutter guard for your home’s gutter system

You may find yourself lost in the market filled with endless options of gutter guards, from colours, styles, sizes, materials and pricing. Relax and follow the checklist to ease your purchase:

The type of material that goes into making the gutter guard

Depending on the climate, the material has to be checked for.

  1. Since aluminium resists cracking, aluminium guards are best for cold climates. If you are in a moderate environment, trust steel guards.

  1. Metal guards stay solid on the top of your roof compared to plastic guards that coil or warp when the temperature shoots up.

A proper fit

Find gutter guards that lay flat in the cavity so they do not peep out to showcase their presence to all.

Ease inspection 

Do you want to trouble yourself removing the gutter cover whenever you need to inspect your gutter? If not, you will find the ones that can be visualized without separating your guard from the gutter.

Consider the pitch and size of the gutter system.

Avoid wasting material, especially in DIY projects, not compromising with home looks, and smooth water flow without debris collecting in the gutter.

Type of debris to be shielded against

Watch out for the type of debris; acorns, seed pods, leaves, needles, or animal droppings in your area, and if the gutter guard design is efficient, hold back the same before you go ahead for it.

Low-maintenance gutter guards

In the first place, you may have opted for a gutter cover to relax and not get into the hassle of regular cleaning. A few guards can be cleaned easily without removing them. If your guard needs to be replaced, claim the warranty.

Educate yourself about the installation process.

Some gutter guards do not require special tools or expertise to fix. So you can read the manual and go ahead with the installation.

But if you have invested a good amount on guard for a good return and peace of mind, hiring Alpharetta roofers won’t cost you a fortune.

Maintenance Of Gutter Guards Some Of The Best Tips By Roofing Contractor Dunwoody

Gutter guards might have enticed you, as they are often advertised for low maintenance. Nothing on the earth is maintenance-free, and neither is your gutter covers.

Maintenance varies with homes and the environment. Some homeowners need to do maintenance once in three months, others once in two years: with the size of the house, gutter, condition of the gutter etc. If you live among trees and wind, the maintenance frequency is higher.

Cleaning of gutter guards

The cleaning tips will help, reducing added expenditures in repairs or replacements of guards or gutter systems.

Keep an eye on the debris. 

After a storm or during autumn, you must gear up to brush off the debris from the roof and the guard. Debris may sit in certain spots to escape the wind. Watch out for all such places. With a brush or hose, you can drive off the dirt.

Brush down the shingle grits. 

 It may not reach your gutter, resting on the guard’s top. Later amounting to the extent of weakening the gutter, causing it to sag. 

Break up the asphalt oils. 

 It stains the roof and leaves gutters clogged, and smells foul. Guard experts advise using carburettor cleaner or copper-laced gutter guards.

Stop the growth of mosses. 

When moss can survive on rock, there is no escape for your gutter guards. Use moss killer to bring your gutter guards to life. Lichens, moss and algae don’t prefer copper-interlaced gutter shields.

Repair of gutter guards

Throwing away the damaged guard covers is not the only solution. With repair, old guards take a fresh look; you will save money and time in replacing and extending the age of gutters and the roof.

  1. Add a fresh layer of sealers like silicon, or replace the saddled mesh.

  1. Sometimes the gutter covers get stretched or warp due to heat; re-alignment works.

  1. Some parts of your gutter guards may lose colour, so replace them with the matching piece.

  1. To return the metal meshes to its original position, take the help of screws.

Wrap up  

No one can bury their heads in the sand after understanding how gutter and gutter guards safeguard one’s family and property. Like how your kids feel secure being around you, so do the gutter systems with guards. After all, the decision is in your hand to clean, repair or buy gutter guards.

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