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Re-Roofing vs. Roof Replacement: Choosing the right option

Updated: Jul 1

Re-Roofing vs. Roof Replacement: Choosing the right option


 A beautiful and well-maintained roof adds to the aesthetics of your home. It enhances the curb appeal while also providing protection and insulation. But over time, even the most well-maintained and durable roofs will show wear and tear. Restoring or repairing your roof is no doubt a significant investment, and it is important to know whether you need to replace your existing roof completely or repair the portions that need attention. Re-roofing v/s roof replacement; is the major dilemma most homeowners face. Let us look at both options to help you make the right decision.


Re-roofing is basically repairing or recovering the existing roof by replacing just the damaged shingles or placing new ones over the worn ones. It is the quickest and least expensive method of restoring your roof. However, re-roofing will only work if you notice the damage early.

Signs that indicate the roof needs repair

Look out for these signs to know that your roof needs immediate attention. Contact your nearest roofing company for a thorough and detailed inspection. 

A sagging roof: 

If you notice that your roof is sagging, it’s time to call in the repair guys. Extra load on the roof, excess moisture, or a weakened structure can all lead to the roof sagging over time. If left unchecked, sagging can lead to water damage, roof rot, and also structural damage.

Water leaks: 

Water leaks during rains are a sure sign that your roof needs repair. It’s better to call a professional roofer at the earliest since water damage can lead to more severe roofing issues and eventually require replacement.

Broken or cracked shingles:

Hail, wind, and broken branches can cause damage to the roof. Repairing can be an easy option if a few shingles or tiles are broken. 

 Growth on the roof : 

If not inspected regularly, mold, moss, or mildew can grow on your roof and cause rot. If caught early, professionals can repair the rotted shingles and prevent the growth from spreading.

 The exterior light streaming in: 

If you notice light rays streaming into your attic, chances are your roof has either cracked or has holes or gaps in it. 

Increase in your energy bills: 

A roof is not just for protection; it also provides insulation for your home. A sudden spike in your energy bills; higher air conditioning and heating bills could mean your roof is damaged. A damaged roof will allow cold and warm air to leak out, thus reducing its energy-efficient functionality.

Pros and Cons of roof repair: 

Roof repair might not always be the ideal or suitable solution for your roof. Knowing the pros and cons will help you make an informed decision: 


  1. Roof repair is an affordable option

  1. Repairing a roof is not an extensive job and will take significantly less time to complete

  1. You expand the lifespan of your roof through regular maintenance and repair


  1. It might be challenging to match the color of the new shingles with the original one, which might affect the roof’s aesthetics.

  1. A surface repair job might mask a more serious, underlying issue with the roof.

It is prudent and wise to call a trusted and experienced contractor to inspect the roof and give you the best advice. 

Roof replacement

As the name suggests, roof replacement is tearing out the old roof and replacing it with a new one. It is a much more extensive and expensive project as it involves stripping off all the layers of the roof till the deck is exposed. Depending on the extent of damage, sheathing and rafters might also need to be replaced or repaired.

Signs that indicate the roof needs to be replaced:

While the more economical option is to repair the roof, replacement might be the only option available in the following cases. 

 The lifespan of the roof:  

If the roof has reached the end of its lifespan, then it’s time to replace it. A new roof comes with a warranty, and the contractors can address any underlying structural issues at the time of replacement.

Area of the roof affected: 

 Before considering roof replacement, it is essential to assess the extent of the damage. If it’s a small portion, then a simple repair job is all that’s needed. However, if an extensive part of the roof is damaged, opting for a complete replacement is better.

Cupped or clawed shingles: 

Another telltale sign that the roof is nearing the end of its life span is when the shingles start to cup or claw. Cupping is when the edges of the shingles peel away and point upwards. Clawing occurs when the center of the shingles lifts upwards. Cupping and clawing occur with age, improper installation, or lack of ventilation. 

Grit or shingle granules in the gutter: 

Shingles have small sand-like particles or granules on them, which protect the roof against the sun’s harsh rays. If there is a constant accumulation of granules in the gutter, then it’s a sure sign that the roof needs to be replaced. If left unaddressed, the sun can cause long-term damage to the roof. 

Dark streaks on the roof

Over time it is common to notice dark streaks on the roof. While these are not obvious signs of damage, the roof starts looking old and ugly, thereby reducing the property’s curb appeal on the whole. If you plan to sell your property, replacing the roof before putting it up for sale will increase its market value.

Pros and Cons of roof replacement

Let’s look at some benefits and costs involved in roof replacement: 


  1. The benefits of roof replacement are long-term as it lasts longer than re-roofing

  1. An entirely revamped, new roof will address all underlying structural issues.

  1. In the long run, it can be a money-saving proposition because you can identify and plug in early signs of water damage, namely rot and sagging.

  1. A completely new roof can transform the exterior of your house.


  1. It is a time and labor-intensive proposition

  1. Much more expensive than repairs


No matter how regular we are with our maintenance and checks, some roof damage requires more intensive intervention. To decide whether you need to go in for roof repair v/s roof replacement, call your local contractors to assess the damage and advise on the best action. 

For further information regarding installing/ repairing or re-roofing, you can schedule a free consultation with Tom and Jerry’s Roofing. You can contact them at:   

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